There are many sectors that require proper document management to operate. Documents are constant in all business sectors. It can be said, that in one way or another, all employees handle documents either by searching, creating, using, relating them to each other, signing, or archiving them. Until a few years ago, all the documents were in the same physical form: paper. This creates great security risks but also causes storage difficulties and conservation issues.

A Document Management System usually refers to the following areas: storage, retrieval, classification, security, custody, distribution, creation, authentication. The following 3 reasons will provide sufficient that you should begin a process of Document Management.


According to ISO 9000: 2000 Quality Management Systems. Effectiveness is defined as:

«the extent to which the planned activities are carried out and the planned results are achieved» and efficiency such as: «the relationship between the result achieved and the resources used».

Successful management of the Document Management System brings a number of key benefits to your company’s strategy and will be reflected in increased efficiency and effectiveness allowing a significant contribution to improving management processes, legal security, quality of documentation, internal corporate image, corporate culture, among others.

Transit of the information is optimised, reduce wasted time and allow employees to focus on more important processes.


Some of the most important advantages of Document Management are the reduction of storage space obtaining a secure and durable archive, reduce costs and legal support in accounting information, among others.

The spaces where the documents are kept is reduced since there is no need for stationery or sturdy filing cabinets.

Saving money on copies, duplicates and rational use of resources by implementing Document Management also increases quality and gives a secure response to documentary demands of the organisation. (( Information was taken on March 17th, 2016)


The Document Management System allows controlling access to information that is confidential and applying the respective security measures. It also ensures compliance with government and industry regulations through the processes.

It avoids the loss and theft of documents since they are all secure in a central documentary server and can only have access to the people that the company considers pertinent for such work.

All these practices must be supervised and monitored by a group of people who have the knowledge required since the misuse of Document Management can cause high expenses that are not easy to detect or quantify. In Process OnLine we care about your company, so we are happy to listen to any concerns about the subject and aim to give the best advice in this regard.

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