BPM 360° is a strategic initiative that offers us the possibility to manage all the IT needs of our companies in a single integrated platform meeting each of our requirements and reducing the time of execution of tasks improving performance.

With the term BPM 360°, it is said that BPM has coverage of the company’s 3 essential stages:


The focus of the business is the constant pursuit to generate more value for both the customers and the people inside the companies working hard to achieve the business objectives.

With BPM, business goals and objectives are successfully achieved, providing revenue growth and improving company performance, increasing innovation, improving productivity and increasing customer loyalty and satisfaction, as well as high levels of efficiency from the staff.

The BPM discipline has the ability to align operational activities, objectives, and strategies. It focuses the resources and efforts of the company on the generation of added value to the client; allowing a shorter response time for a change, providing greater opportunity for continuous adaptation.


The value is generated through activities called processes. Operational processes transform resources and materials into products or services for customers and end consumers. Through this transformation, you get the proper operation of the business.

The more effective the change, the greater the opportunity to generate value. Through BPM, business processes are more efficient, more transparent and more agile. «Bottleneck» situations are resolved quickly before they become more sensitive issues.


Management involves people and systems in motion guiding processes towards the business objectives previously proposed. For management, processes are the tools that forge business success.

Before knowing BPM, building a solid process required great efforts both human and IT. With BPM, it is possible to combine efforts among systems, methods, tools, and techniques for the management of processes in an organised way with the visibility and controls necessary to direct and refine it.

By understanding all the areas that can be reached with BPM 360°, we would have in our hands the solution to many of our problems, concerns, and daily questions, in order to inject our company a key and strategic factor in the constant improvement.

Do not settle, do not hesitate. Implement this discipline and act for greater efficiency, effectiveness, transparency and control over the processes of your company. You must keep in mind that in order to carry out this strategy it is necessary to have a set of tools and a highly qualified team that can provide the necessary support for the software and BPM in general.

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