Many organisations in Latin America have been borne out of the spirit and enthusiasm of entrepreneurs. All hard work is focussed on the realisation of their dreams. While the company grows, there may also be a possibility of stagnation.

Since the 1990s, Latin America as a region has undertaken many economic reforms which have resulted in the increasing presence of Latin American companies as major players within the world economy.

This globalisation brings about a new business environment that consists of:

– A single market

– Increased competition between companies, countries, and multinationals

– Change is permanent

– The increasing importance of a businesss flexibility

In order to survive in this market companies and organisations must place greater emphasis on structured processes, logical activities, interdependence and a principle and purpose which adds value to the final product, distinguishing it from the competition. Work teams should have the sole aim of guaranteeing the needs, demands, and expectations of the client.

This work structure creates a flat structured organisation: solely working to satisfy the customer. This differs from a pyramidal, hierarchical structure where work is done to please the boss.

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