When implementing a BPM project, staff training should never be forgotten. Many companies do everything right: they follow a methodology, they have clear processes, there is a strong commitment from the management teams, they communicate BPM plans to those involved, but in the end, the initiative fails. Why? The answer is due to a lack of adequate training.

Some companies do not take the issue of training seriously enough. They focus only on the transformation of processes and do not see beyond, they forget something fundamental: without training, no process will be executed successfully.

People should not only understand why to employ BPM, and what its benefits are, but also they must internalise and commit to the project. The only way to achieve this is for each employee to know what their role is and what the project will include.

These roles may be new, and adequate training may be required so that the new functions and tasks can be successfully and smoothly performed. (Taken from Helkyn Coello Blog)

The training comes in three forms:

Technique: Refers to all the knowledge acquired that will allow us to see a short-term result, such as the management of the BPMS software and its alliance with other information technologies. It is generally focused on all personnel who are going to be directly affected in the execution of their daily work.

Directive or Administrative: These are the techniques, approaches, and criteria that allow us in the short or medium term a change in the coordination of efforts or strategy and thus achieve perfect synchrony with the business objectives. Usually focused on middle and/or senior managers.

Human: It implies everything related to human relations, such as motivation, integration of work teams, human talent, stress management, resistance to change, among others. This type of training is aimed at all staff and its primary purpose is to make better members of the company, as members of a specific community.

Remember that training staff should be a key factor in your BPM project and this is where your success or failure lies. If you want to know more and orientation for you and your employees can communicate with us and visit our website, we will always be with the best disposition to solve your doubts and needs.

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